Thursday 21 July 2016

Hardi Rubicon 9000 lt 48.5 M Boom

HARDI’s RUBICON is the first 9000 litre self propelled sprayer in Australia. Designed from the ground up to meet the efficiency demands of large scale Australian farmers, RUBICON establishes a new genre for SPs.

With the clearest view of the 48.5 boom of any SP, acre-eating 9000 litre tank capacity and an unparalleled ride, RUBICON will simply amaze you – we promise.

HARDI’s fully independent OverRide suspension, combined with RUBICON’s unique boom ride are the secret behind a completely new level of operator comfort. The rolling radius of largestin- class 480/95R54 tyres create an extended footprint, resulting in reduced crop damage and less ground compaction.

A 370 Hp Cummins engine provides RUBICON with ample power, and a ground clearance of 1.85m means plenty of height to pass over taller crops without causing damage. Standard track width adjustment is 3 to 4m and 50/50 weight distribution balances RUBICON almost perfectly.


Tank, litres9000
Pump, typeHARDI / Ace 650 run-dry centrifugal
Boom POMMIER36.5 & 48.5 RA
Control TypeMueller TOUCH1200®
Section distribution standard6 to 13 section
EngineCummins® QSL 9 Tier 3A 370 Hp (276 kW)
Fuel Tank1000 litres
TransmissionDanfoss H1
Hydraulic oil200 litres
SuspensionOverRide Airbag + hydraulic Koni’s
Steering2 wheel
Track width3 to 4 m hydraulic adjustment
Turning circle (m)17.88 m
Weight empty, 48.5 m15,670kg
Weight full, 48.5 m26,400 kg with 1,000L diesel + 630L rinse
Total length (m)10.2m - 36.5m boom, 12.3 m - 48.5m
Total height (m)4.2 m
Width with boom folded (m)3.68 m
Track width, adjustment (m)3 to 4 m
Wheel base (m)4.6 m
Under axle clearance (m)1.85 m
Rinse tank, litres.630 litres
Brakes4 wheel dynamic

Friday 3 June 2016

Liquid Systems | Liquid Injection Systems

Early order Program till August 2016 

( you may be eligible for the $20,000 Tax incentive)
There has been a lot of discussion recently on liquid control systems.
If you are considering purchasing a system feel free to talk to us.
We believe the Liquid Systems SA unit is the best solution on the market, and they are currently offering a 2016 Early order program.

The technology is fairly simple, but the corrosive nature of the products being applied, means that componentry needs to be of a high quality, for durability and reliability at sowing.
This is where the Liquid Systems unit is second to none, with high quality components used to ensure 
many years of service, provided annual maintenance is carried out, See our tips sheet.
The other thing you need to consider is that these systems require a fair amount of labour to fit, you can save quite a lot of money if you fit yourself, so a good winter project for your workshop.
We are only to happy to assist with any of the technical aspects if needed.
The system integrates with all major Precision Ag Screens including, Topcon, Agleader, Trimble, and John Deere.

Harness kits and installation
instructions are offered for these , so retrofitting to your seeder is much easier than trying to make up and troubleshoot your own.
(NB: We are happy to fit and supply software for your Topcon X30, if fitting to systems other than Topcon, you may require a hardware and software upgrade from your gps supplier at additional cost)

As mentioned Liquid Systems are offering an Early Order program, all you need to do is give us a call and supply us with your seeders make and dimensions, and we can supply a quote.

For Further info Check out the Liquid Systems Website, Click HERE or call us on 02 60292151

Sunday 14 February 2016

Fendt Robotic Tractor by Probotiq


Autonomous Fendt Xpert – agriculture

The Fendt Xpert DynAgri system is an add-on for the Fendt Vario series tractors. It deeply integrates with the existing Fendt electronics to allow the tractor to drive and operate autonomously. It uses a combination of Probotiq’s patented Teach and Playback technology and Dynamow system, which is user friendly and very easy to use. To program the system, simply press the teach button to start recording a outer boundary of a field. Now start driving and record the outline of the field. After recording, the main working direction, AB line spacing and headland size can be entered. The system will now automatically generate all working lines and all points where actions (e.g. enabling PTO, hitch) will be done. This way, the majority of a field can be harrowed precisely and unmanned!
We have currently systems running on Fendt 209P, 516 and 936 tractors.

Fendt 1000 Vario named Machine and Tractor of the Year 2016

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Massey Ferguson introduces the new MF7700 SERIES



The MF7700 series is specifically designed for customers who require high performance tractors with excellent traction and manoeuvrability that are also able to work efficiently with a high range of implements.

Customers from large livestock farms, broad acre farms and contractors will all benefit from the unique features offered by the MF7700 series.
Of particular interest is the final T4 AGCO power engine achieves emission regulations without variable geometry turbochargers, DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters), regeneration of exhaust gas recirculation giving the customer less to worry about.

Newly designed cab with SIS (Setup and Information Screen, currently in the 8700 series) replacing the dot matrix type dash

Up-grade on the cab suspension gives the customer a more comfortable driving experience

New MF designed double acting front axle delivers longer suspension travel and is maintenance free
For further info, drop in a have a yarn to us at Wiesners.

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Bredal Fertiliser Spreader wins awards in recent Kondinon report

Simple Precise Reliable

Wiesners are pleased to announce we are now the regional dealer for Bredal Fertiliser Spreaders.

These machines are very popular in WA, so we are sure they will be just as popular in the eastern states.
Urea spread width of 36 meters and Lime spread width of 16 meters makes them the Premier fertiliser spreader on the Australian Market.

The Kondinin Group, Farming Ahead, recently rated Bredal No 1 in Trailing spreaders for accuracy and spread width, up to 36 metres for Urea.

 Click here for Farming Ahead research Report 
 (available to members.)

Bredal produce smaller linkage spreaders,

(F2 1500 1, 500 to F2 4,000 4,000 Lt capacity)

Right up Large trailing units  (K40 3,600lt to K125 17,000Lt capacity)

Weigh cells and Variable Rate control via ISOBUS options are available to interface with compatible GPS guidance systems.

We currently have early order discounts available till the Dec 31st, so call us for details.

 Click the above Video Demo

Bredal type K105 - lime and fertilizer spreader

This spreader has a standard capacity of 9.000 litres.
K105 spreads lime up to 16 m and fertilizer up to 36 m.
The standard version of the spreader is fitted with a mechanical wheel drive that ensures efficient and precise control of the dosage. The wide-angle PTO drive shaft and LED lights are standard as well.
There is an extensive line of additional equipment for the spreader that makes for great versatility; included is equipment for spreading salt and sand, a 4 m conveyor belt for filling ditches with sand or similar material.
With its robust and reliable design the spreader will give you many years of hard work, and the strong belt transmission that operates the 2 spreading plates and the many standard stainless steel parts contribute to a long life at top performance.
* The spreader in the picture is shown with optional equipment

Click Here for Bredal Website

Thursday 8 October 2015

Don't let your existing GPS system stop you buying a Fendt, Challenger or Massey Ferguson Tractor.

At Wiesners we are Topcon Dealers, so happy to fit a Topcon system.

However we are happy to evaluate a customers exiting Guidance system, and work out some options that may allow you to utilise your existing Guidance system.

The common setups Trimble(case), Topcon (Agco), John Deere, can usually be adapted if the tractor is setup with an integrated hydraulic steering option.

see example below.

We can use a John Deere GPS Receiver, add a Reichardt controller,  and steer Fendt Challenger and Massey Ferguson Tractors via the Isobus, using the existing steer ready hydraulic block if its fitted.
see Video of John Deere System on Massey Ferguson Windrower Below.

So don't let your existing GPS system stop you buying a Fendt, Challenger or Massey Ferguson Tractor.

Video Of John Deere GPS on Massey Ferguson Windrower.

In the future you will be able to order your new Fendt with a Trimble or Novatel Receiver built in, see press release from Agco below.

New VarioGuide System for 2016

Fendt is pleased to announce that as part of our Fuse strategy we will be unveiling an all new Fendt VarioGuide system for 2016.

The new fully integrated VarioGuide system will continue to provide a seamlessly integrated system on the current 10" terminal and a new option to include the 7" terminal. The new VarioGuide system will provide greater choice in the form of offering an AGCO Trimble or AGCO NovAtel receiver for positioning information. The new system will be the leader in offering correction signal flexibility from an OEM and allow consumers to choose the receiver that best suits their farming operation.
The new system will be available in early 2016 on factory built vehicles and a conversion plus software package will follow for most current S4 and SCR Fendt's equipped with ProfiPlus. For customers changing from the current Topcon built VarioGuide receiver the operational changes on the terminal will be minimal outside of the new features listed.

For existing customers that change tractors the new system will support current infrastructure such as Topcon base stations and way lines / boundaries. A full product information guide with part numbers and options will be released prior to the official release.

Fendt will showcase the new system publicly at Agritechnica this year 0-14th November 2015. The new system will also see a major change in the way a vehicle is perceived as "steer ready". The new system changes the configuration so the vehicle will come equipped with the integrated steering controller. Options for positioning will be an AGCO Trimble receiver or an AGCO NovAtel receiver.
Catering to a broad geographic coverage, the flexibility of a correction signal via Satellite, NTRIP (phone network) and RTK base stations is offered. At initial release the respective receivers will be offered with the following options (where available,) Upgrade costs apply.

o AGCO Trimble: sub-meter, decimetre or centimetre accuracies.

  • RTK Base stations (450 and 900Mhz Options)
    • Including Trimble encrypted CMR messages and secure RTK
  • NTRIP (3G phone network)
  • CentrePoint VRS
  • CentrePoint RTX
  • RangePoint RTX
  • Autonomous
    o AGCO NovAtel: sub-meter or centimetre.
  • RTK Base stations (450mhz)
  • NTRIP (3G phone network)

      Autonomous Better integration and more control

Continuing with Fendt's seamless integration and multiple function consoles, upgrades will be seen for section control with a new section control assist function. Further to enhancing the current section control, an all-new Isobus TC-GEO Rate control system will show multi coloured application data in real time. VRC mapping data will be communicated to the terminal via the VarioDoc telemetry system using blue tooth or phone network.

Combined with the Teach In functionality of the terminal, the entire headland management process can be automated via GNSS positioning data. This is more than just simply switching sections on and off based on a boundary, Fendt will activate all tractor functions controlled via the teach in headland management like altering ground speed, engaging PTO, lowering linkage etc. Soon Fendt customers will enjoy greater productivity gains through a fully integrated technology system, controlling multiple vehicle aspects.

More Wayline options and greater flexibility

New contour segments will remove the need for changes in the field for different waylines during complex field conditions. The new contour segment will make recording and recalling multiple waylines a simple task. Functionality like automatically changing from a lengthwise track to a headland pattern around a field removes several operations endured today.

Standard wayline functionality for straight A-B, Pivot and A+ heading, plus now new features for advanced coordinate information. This allows more flexibility in placing A and B points based on competitors GPS console information and additional wayline types using GPS coordinate information.

Later in 2016 a web based wayline conversion tool will be released to allow the direct conversion of some competitor's waylines into the VarioGuide format. The wayline and boundary can also now be exported and viewed in open programs like Google Earth.

AGCO® Announces Most Open Agricultural Equipment Guidance Systems on the Market Click Here

AGCO and Trimble Announce Collaborative Solution to 
Connect Agriculture Data Platforms   Click Here